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    1. Made in China

      ---Made in YingHao

      Made in Ying Hao shows not only the best quality products but also a comprehensive philosophy. Specifically, Ying Hao Shoes has successfully presented both the corporation ethics and company philosophy to the world. The products made by Ying Hao Shoes have been widely sold all over the world .Due to the professional design and quality, the products has become the object to emulate and attack in this industry.

      Ying Hao Shoes witnessed an annual turnover of 25000000 dollars in the year of 2014.Undoubtedly; it has exchanged much foreign currency for our country. At the same time, it provided about 300 job opportunities which greatly solved “the large number of urban population and the rural surplus labor force” issues. In a nutshell, it has extremely released the high employment pressure.

      Because of the US subprime mortgage crisis, the world's two largest economies including the United States, Europe has seen a decrease of demand. Hence, the China's export manufacturing trade orders decline rapidly. Under such a harsh economic situation, Ying Hao Shoes aims at using the lowest cost, providing the best quality of products and the most convenient methods to meet the changing demand of consumers. Obviously, the manufacturing process directly influence whether Ying Hao Shoes could achieve success. To be more exact, the manufacturing process also called supply chain process includes raw materials, continuous aspects of product design, procurement at all levels, storage and transportation, order processing, sales, exports.

      Once, foreigners thought the Chinese market is a big factory manufacturing and processing products to the global corporations. Although various products with the label of “Made in China” are exported to the global markets, they are lack of innovation and sustainable competitive advantages. During this economic transformation process, the chairman of Mr. Li Jianying has made a great direction, which our corporation should pay attention to not only “made in China” but also “Chinese wisdom made”. To successfully obtain the goad, our company always tries to develop the industry's core technology and accelerate the transformation.