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    1. Gore


      Thanks for GORE-TEX for cooperating with YING HAO SHOES. Generally speaking, GORE-TEX always provides us excellent quality of materials, which helps us produce the best products to the world. They require high costs, but they tend to have extra stable performance and long service life because of its breathable water-proof materials. Moreover, the breathable waterproof effect of our products is six times better than that of other products.

      Gore Tex fabric is the U. S. W. L. Gore & amp; associates, Inc. (Gore) exclusive of invention and production of a light, thin, strong and durable film, it has a waterproof, breathable, windproof function, breakthrough general waterproof fabric can not breathe the shortcomings, so it is known as & ldquo; the cloth of the century & rdquo;. Gore-Tex (Gore Tex fabric not only in aerospace, military and medical aspects of the widely used is the world's top brands, made all kinds of casual wear series, which is the & ldquo; wealth & rdquo; magazine as the world's best 100 American products one, deeply respected. With GORE-TEX (R) brand named multi functional fabrics, by "fortune" magazine as the world's 100 best one of the United states. In the 70's of last century, Gore's innovation of GORE-TEX (R) film and many traditional textile fabrics together, production of a unique GORE-TEX (R) fabric with waterproof, wind and air permeability function. The birth of this fabric, the human development of outdoor sports have a revolutionary impact, so that people really appreciate the best of all the best protection. Since then, GORE-TEX (R) fabric has been widely used in the production of functional, protective and fashion sense of clothing and footwear products, and therefore known to become the world leader in outdoor sports products. Today, the company's production of Gore is not only used for mountaineering, hiking, skiing and other outdoor sports, as well as the military, security and other equipment, but also widely used in urban leisure clothing. Fashion, which is also a popular element, has become an irresistible trend. Gore products, as stated on the label, represent the highest quality standards. Regardless of the end use of the product is what, GORE-TEX (R) fabric for their own set of standards has always been: to become the world's most durable waterproof, wind, breathable products.

      You can find more information about GORE in occupational safety and health applications